Friday, February 08, 2008

When TV becomes interactive

I invite you to see the article of Techcrunch on Apple patent to bring widgets and chat to TVs.
Indeed, one of the main problem of TV and also the main critique of web 2.0 geeks is that TV is not interactive. Loic Lemeur likes to say that TV is like an aquarium that you are watching, you can't interact with it. Web 2.0 and new web technologies allow the user to get inside the aquarium.

Apple is then thinking about integrating chatting and widget to its Apple TV. Let's remember Apple TV is one of the few Apple's product that did not meet success. But more than that, this idea shows well how TV could become more interactive over the years.

The article I was talking about talks about how  Apple would like to integrate chatting and widgets to TV. If so, the way TV is consume will be different. We can imagine you could interact during a game or a live show on your facebook, or also have other analysts commenting the show on the go.

TV has to find new ways to develop itself, while Internet is killing its business modell. By mixing as Apple thinks TV and web 2.0 technologies will help TV to become more interactive and to mutate into a new TV experience.

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