Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bloggers supporting Ingrid Bettencourt

Ingrid Betancourt, for whom does not know Ingrid Betancourt is a Franco-Columbian politician, former senator, who is the hostage of the FARCs, a paramilitary organization in Columbia. On Saturday, Feb 23 2008, it will be 6 years that she has been kidnapped by this group. A lot of different actions have been undertaken in order to proceed to her liberation, but so far none of them have resulted.

As the symbol of the 3 000 hostages in Columbia, Betancourt's fight for freedom has been followed by the international press. On Saturday, Feb 23 2008, you can as a blogger participate to a great action to get the awareness of global community:
  • By writting a blog post about her and her action
  • By signing the petition (in French) for her liberation
  • by posting her video.

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