Friday, February 01, 2008

Eight business technology trends to watch

I found this article via the visionmarketing blog. McKinsey, the famouns consulting company, that by the way invented the McKinsey matrix which is used to analyze the performance of holdings on multiple market, has raised 8 main trends for the future. You can see the original article by clicking and registering here (for free).

The 8 trends are:
1. Distributing cocreation
2. Using consumers as innovators
3. Tapping into a world of talent
4. Extracting more value from interactions
5. Expanding the frontiers of automation
6. Unbundling production from delivery
7. Putting more science into management
8. Making businesses from information
As you can see, no major surprise in these trends that are already on the way since a year or two. But the article is worthwhile as it explains how these trends will impact businesses, and of course how it will give competitive advantages to companies using them.

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