Sunday, February 03, 2008

Special offer for coffee packs at the Starbucks coffee of Independance Street, in Mountain View, CA

A little ad to help the Starbucks coffee at the intersection of independence and Charleston in Mountain View, California. You can have a free drip of coffee for any pound of coffee you will buy! As it is a competition between the different Starbucks coffee, I would appreciate if you could go to this specific one to help them win the prize!

It will also allow the store to have the visit of CEO Howard Shutz, in case they win the competition. So please, if you are in the area, go to this store, and buy a pound of the top of the line coffee they sell in this store.


  1. Anonymous9:12 PM

    Ah ! Du café Starbuck, je ne connaissait pas nicolas !! ;)

  2. I received this video today. I immediately thought about your Starbucks coffee :
    My way to support them from Paris. I'm sure, they'll win !

  3. Thanks for your international support Mickael! They are indeed on a good track, as they have doubled so far their results of last year at the same time! But competition is tough.

    That is for sure a great video, and I think a lot of people have already been in this kind of situation :)