Friday, February 15, 2008

The Customer Attitude and Real Estate

This is an interesting topic. The customer attitude is one of the fundamental component of the success of a customer relationship strategy. Most of the time, CRM applications are developed in order to help the sales force and/or marketing departments to ease their work, but they are not customer oriented.

The whole concept of customer relationship management is not only about bettering the company's processes, it is also to develop a customer attitude inside the company.

The customer attitude aims to place customer relationship as first priority of the company. That means all the departments of the company are implicated. Whether it is the supply chain which needs to communicate on where the products are located and when they are expected to be deliver, or the accounting, which needs to solve unpaid issues, the whole company has to make sure they are providing the best service to the client in order to keep him.

The customer attitude is about thinking about customers' benefits instead of company's ones.

And that is actually one of the main problems I can see in the real estate industry.

How many times you can see in real estate advertisements the terms "best originators", or I sold this house in just 2 weeks!".

All these ads are only there to flatter the ego of the real estate professional. They think that by showing off their skills and results they will attract a client seeking for expertise. But actually having a customer attitude is turning the problem up side down.

The customer doesn't really care about the salesman ego, he is too busy thinking about his own issues. That is sort of the same concept of the Ego Marketing I presented earlier this week.

The customer has an over sized ego and only think (and want to hear) about himself. The ads should therefore be oriented to solving clients problems. Instead of saying "I originated 15 loans last month", they should more say, I see that with your profile, I would be able to have a great loan offer within the next few days.

Therefore, there is a lot of work to do about the customer attitude and philosophy in this industry.

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