Wednesday, February 20, 2008

When being messy is an advantage for recruiters

I wanted to share with you an article I found on the French blog of, a in France, specialized in managers employment.

This article refer to a book available in French recently released, "Un peu de désordre = beaucoup de profit(s)", in english, "A perfect Mess" from Eric Abrahamson and David H. Freedman. Abrahamson is a professor at the prestigious business school of Columbia University.
The idea is that being messy is actually a great asset. This book shows in 340 pages that being messy at work or at home actually could allow you to save time, stimulate idea, and therefore in the end generate money!

The blog explains that in order to distinguish yourself from the crowd, for your next cover letter could start like this: "Since the beginning of my career, I have always paid specific attention to always disorganize the department where I was working".

However, the article finishes saying there was a lack of objectivity in this theory that jeopardizes the theory. I must admit that organization is not a natural skill for me, and I had to find for a while to become an organized person. I had to force myself using agendas, and actually, my pocket pc helped me a lot.

What do you think about this theory?

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