Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ingrid Bettencourt blog supporting day

I have already announced this action day in my blog here.
Today, it has been 6 years that Ingrid Bettencourt, former senator in Columbia, has been kidnapped, and is the hostage of the FARCs, a terrorist group.

Why did I decide to participate to this effort?
Because I think that it is important not to forget about our rights, and about our luck of being free. Ingrid is a symbol of terrorism trying to attack democracy. She is that has always fought for her country, and her will of liberty let us remind that 3 000 people are hostages of similar organization in Columbia.

Ingrid has known terrible detention conditions, and has always been optimistic about her liberation. I respect deeply her courage.

So as a blogger, I wanted to communicate for her, wishing that she will be freed soon.

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