Friday, February 22, 2008

The Velib at San Francisco?

That was one of the topic of discussion of yesterday's French Thursdays I went to in San Francisco, CA. We were discussing about the traffic problems of San Francisco, and how biking would be a great alternative and solution for this town. And then the idea came up: Why not developping a velib in San Francisco?

Don't know what the Velib is?
The Velib is a new system in Paris of Free bikes renting. You can actually find an article I posted last year about it on this blog here.

This video will help you out understanding the concept. You have bikes parking all over the town, where you can take a bike to go to your destination. You simply need to give it back to the next parking spot available.

Is it a realistic project?

In my opinion it is. The only problem will be that I believe in the US this kind of initiative has to come from corporation instead of the town. Therefore, I think that if a company is willing to develop the project and can turn it into a profitable business, then we could see soon a Velib-like system in San Francisco.

What do you think about the idea?

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