Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The consumer attitude or the base of a strong customer relationship management

I have just finished the reading of le marketing de l'ego, Henri Kaufman's book. Henri Kaufman is a famous French blogger, but also has become over the years one of the main French specialist of the customer relationship management. I also had the chance to have him as a professor last year during my master program.

This book is very interesting and that is why I thought it would be a great idea to share it with the English speaking audience.
This book explains first how the client has turned into a narcissist person. As companies were talking more and more about the king client, the customer started to believe in it, and became the "me-client": a self centric being, that wants the company to please each of its desire. The client is thinking and want to hear only about himself.

The client became more and more important for the client as competition has become higher and higher. Also, the Internet contributed for this client

This book is then exploring the different moments of the relationship, which is a mix between long term engagement and small attentions. Kaufman describes the customer relationship with the brand as a love one.
 Henri talks about all the new trends of marketing, from the emergence of the woman segment, the multichannel communication and  distribution.

This book is also showing up how sales and marketing are getting closer and closer. Marketers have to start conversations, to listen to clients and to provide to sales forces the right tools to sell. Also, since the main goal is to develop long term relationship, we can also see the draft of a new style of incentive, trying to promote long term relationship instead of the one shot transaction.

As a conclusion, Henri Kaufman speaks about the customer attitude, which is the central piece of the customer relationship management. Each actor of the companies had to be focused on providing the best customer experience, whether it is the supply chain manager that has to deliver on time, the sales person or any person in contact with the people.

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