Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl XLII will be a great sport event, not a great commercial millesime though

Yesterday was the main sport event in the US, maybe along the March Madness of College basketball, the Superbowl. Superbowl is one of the main dates on an american calendar. Superbowl is known for three main components.

Of course the game, which is the finale of a great football season.
The half time show, which is a great concert with world class artists as Paul McCartney or The Rolling Stone
And the ads, because as one of the greatest audience of the year, brands take advantage of the occasion to propose new commercials and affirm their brand equity.

On the field
That has been a great Superbowl. That is true that the score was really low, but it is because of the great defensive efforts of both teams. We saw also meanwhile a lot of nice offensive movements. It has also had a great 4th quarter, that has been concluded by one of the biggest upset of NFL Superbowl history. The Patriots were supposed to dominate this game, and they finally lost in the last minute of the game.

On the stage

On the stage it was also a nice show, with Tom Petty, who I must admit I did not know. That was a really good show, with firework, crowd chants, and rock'n roll.

The commercials
I must admit, I have been deceived by this year's commercials. Usually, you can see a real creativity. The commercials were big productions, with a lot of special effects, but none of them were reall catchy or really funny. I however picked three of them that I liked.

The one that I really found funny was when basket ball player Shaquille O'Neal (2m13/7"1, 150 kg/325 pounds) wins a horse race (poor horse...).

Also, my favorite player Charles Barkley has finally put Dwayne Wade in his fave five. I don't know if it was as sweet as he expected...

Also this one below for Pepsi.

For those who have not seen the commercials, you can still watch them at

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