Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Magnum Pop Up Stores Exceed Sales Expectations

You know that I love all the retail concepts that allow retailers to meet the customers where there are. A lot of global brands use pop up stores in order to meet with their customers to launch new innovations. The goal is to get public attention, have people try the products and also to generate press releases. 

That was the original purposes of the Magnum pop up stores in South Africa. But as a matter of fact, people loved the store. There were long queues in front of the store, and sales doubled the expected figures. Each week the sales increased by 12%. The company had to go on with the stores after the initial end date. 

It was so successful entrepreneurs inquired about buying the franchise. 

What I like about this news, is that it shows well how having pop up stores at the right time, at the right place is so efficient, and why I believe it is an evolution of modern commerce. It is just another example of it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Example Of How Corporate Governance And Ethic May Impact Your Customer Relationship Management

We leave in a world where information goes faster and faster, and where your customers are more aware than ever about their environment. They do care about their own ethic, and aslo about the ones of their "stakeholders": government, public persons, companies, brands... I found this great letter on Twitter

As it shows, corporate ethic do have an impact on the relationship you have on your customers. Obviously, this is a specific case, but it does show well couple of facts about customer relationship management:
  • Your customers know about your company: Annual reports, economic news, social media... People are aware about anything you do wrong. Also, those kind of facts show up very easilly. Before, it was rare to see scandals, but now, to hide something bad is very tough.
  • Your corporate behavior, trying to save money by lowering wages, using unealthy products, tax optimization among others do have an impact on your brand, and therefore your customer relationship management. As it is said clearly, the person associate the loyalty it has with the company with how the company manages its business

Monday, January 26, 2015

Why You Should Be Under Scheduling

I found on the web an article that I totally agree with. Most of the time, in our business world, we don't stop piling up assignments, meetins, tasks, as we want to achieve as much as we can. Some people may also believe that the more your agenda is filled, the more effective you are.

But this is not the way LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner sees things. Indeed, he on purpose under schedule his agenda to find free time.

I totally agree with his vision. At some point of my career, I was working like crazy. I did have no time to do anything but the assignments people were giving to me. I may have accomplished a lot, but was I really at my best? Was I really giving the best I could to the company that was hiring me? I don't think so. I was not able to provide any creativity, was not able to analyse the methods, the way I was organized, to see how I may be more effective, more efficient, and get better results.
It is important that you always find a way to step aside, and meditate on what you are actually doing, where you are heading on the long run. This may not be tasks you may measure in terms of stats, but this is at this time that you actually provide the best of what you can do.

As I sometimes say, Steve Jobs has not invented the Ipad while filling up some Excell sheet. 

Ami de l'art Bonsoir: Jean Baptiste Bagaria dans Troie au théâtre des 3 bornes

Un article qui n'a pas vraiment de lien avec les sujets de ce blog, mais néanmoins je souhaitais faire la promotion d'un spectacle que j'ai vu récemment: Jean-Baptiste Bagaria dans Troie. Une comédie historique écrite et interprétée par Jean-Baptiste Bagaria.

Quand bien même je sois un passionné d'histoire, ce que je trouve remarquable avec ce spectacle, c'est la richesse d'informations qu'il contient. On y apprend énormément de chose sur l'histoire de la Grèce antique, les dieux, les héros, et bien sûr, sur la guerre de Troie. Grâce à l'humour mis dans le spectacle, on arrive à relativiser la légende, et donc en apprendre plus sur la réelle nature des personnages, tel que Mélénas, roi de peu d'envergure avec potentiellement des problèmes mentaux, ou bien les raisons exactes de la discorde.

Le spectacle est donné dans une petite salle (moins de 40 personnes), donc je vous recommande de réserver si vous êtes intéressé. Par ailleurs, Jean-Baptiste Bagaria joue beaucoup sur l'interactivité du public, ce qui est plus qu'appréciable.

Le sujet est traité de manière énergique, pendant une heure qui passe trop vite. 

Spectacle très drôle, que je vous recommande d'aller voir.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Europa City: The Future of Malls and Retail

Europa City is a mall project I recently discovered, which will be located in the north of the Parisian area. The idea is to create a new kind of mall, which will be modern, and take into considerations all kind of components:
- Ecological
- Commerce,
- Entertainment,
- Real estate management and design.

The goal is to have the mall as the heart of the community.

I am eager to see the result of this fantastic work. Here are some pics of the project, expected to start in 2017.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Amazon Is Not Opening A Store In New York, but Why The Information of Their Real Estate Investment in NYC Matters

There has been a lot of expectations about Amazon opening some stores in a near futures. Indeed, brick & mortar companies are investing more and more online, seeking for this new Internet market to deliver growth, whereas it seems that owning a strong store (or at least delivery places) network will be a key strategy for e merchants.
The press has found that Amazon has bought some real estate in New York City, which was thought to be about opening its first store.  Amazon has since responded to that article, by saying they indeed bought some real estate, but not to open a store, but  they sublease the building’s retail space to others.

That still gives a lot of food for thought. That means Amazon may set some partnerships with some retailers in order to boost its business. There may be several options:
  • Retail start ups with cutting edge concept that may benefit from Amazon's supply chain, Internet potential.
  • Some concrete retailers like Walmart or Target that may work with Amazon to set up some partnerships to develop some business together (as Walmart did in its category management with some big suppliers)
  • Or to have some warehouse capabilities in order to develop fast delivery service, maybe with the Amazon fresh concept. Indeed, nowadays warehouses are big places near highways far from the towns, but maybe Amazon could try to have smaller places, closer to customers, that may lower the transportation cost.
This is the reason why I believe this news may soon unveil some new interesting concepts from Amazon.

Now does that mean Amazon will never open some stores, it is still too soon to tell. But I am sure that Amazon will also find some innovative way to create a network allowing its customers to click & collect their products.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Shall You Segment Your Customer Groups

Interesting article I found back in my Twitter hotlist. It questions why so few customer segmentation analysis provide great results. It appears that one of the top issue with customer segmentation is the lack of time companies give it to experiment and to grow. Indeed, when you are working on customer group, in a customer relationship management program, you need to work on the lifetime value of your customer. Therefore, it requires time for the efforts you put on your customers segments to test, provide promotions, and then measure the results of such an effort.

One of the problem in our nowadays world is that things come at you faster. Reactivity is more valued than long term investment and view. In order to get sustainability to one project, you need to get data fast to feed the board of executive to get time and resources to go on with your projects.

Customer relationship management must be a long term vision and project. It is important to be able to communicate well in your company in order to explain what is at stake.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Carrefour's Pop up Drive Case Study

It has been a while I wanted to share with you infos about the pop up drive Carrefour has made at Knokke last summer. As you may know I love pop up stores and this new trend in retailing where the point of sales moves to go where the customers are. Carrefour hence opened a pop up stores for the summer vacations in Belgium.

The idea is simple: Propose a store where the tourists are, and propose to them some innovative way to order and to be delivered. They received up to 50 orders a day.