Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Sun Is Starting To Grow Jobs

Indeed, the Green Industry is rocketing now while the interest in alternative energy is climbing across the US, especially solar power which is rising in California.

The industry has created several thousand jobs in the production of solar energy cells and installation of solar panels on roofs in the recent roofs. SunPower, a company that makes silicon-based cells that turn sunlight into electricity, sold for $775 million, which triple the 2006 sales. That helped the company's stock price to grow 251 percent in 2007, which place it as the fastest growing stock in the Silicon Valley (the company is based in San Jose, CA), way beyond Apple or Google.

As the gaz prices is rocketing and concerns about global warming and environment is on the rise, solar power is becoming more than ever an attractive source of energy. Let's  not forget also that on top of lower your electricity bills, the government will offer you a residential energy credit between 10 and 30% for the installation of solar panels!

However, even though the market is expanding, solar energy represent only 0.1% of the 3 trillion dollars of the global energy market... Nevertheless, there are good reasons to expect a large developments over the next few years:

  1. The global awareness about environmental issues
  2. The effort is driven by private companies and investors, which find economical incentives to invest and make business in this industry
  3. The will of states and the government to push both companies and customers to adopt these technologies.

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