Friday, February 01, 2008

Plaxo virtualizes Outlook

It has been couple of weeks now that I have received an invitation to Plaxo. Right away I felt very interested by the service, which allow you to manage your contacts, calendars and tasks by synchronizing different sources. For example, I personally use Outlook and Google calendars, I have contacts on LinkedIn. Plaxo is sort of a super Outlook that will help you organize all the sources.

Another main strength of the concept is that you can have access to your information wherever you have access to Internet. That is a virtual version of Outlook. Actually that is also a reason why I was not using Outlook for a long time and reluctant to use it, because I am always on the go, and thanks to this service, you can have access to all of your different data on any computer.

I must admit that the first time I used Plaxo I had problems to synchronize my outlook with this service, but I did it now, and this is impressive. It also have some great add-ons for Outlook, making for example the presentation of your contact information more lisible.

I also like the homepage, where you can see the last posts of your friends on twitter, or the new contact information updates of your contact. That allow you to save time, as it is updated automatically.

However, there is still some room for improvement. Indeed, I tried to add a task directly on Plaxo but I could not add a category on it. That means the service is not totally complete yet, but Plaxo has for sure some very good sides!

I invite you to have a look to this very good service.

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