Friday, January 18, 2008

Yesterday dinner with my friend Kevin

Yesterday I had the pleasure to have dinner with my friend Kevin Paulsen, who was in the bay area for business.
I have worked with Kevin while I was in Iowa, working for PB Leiner. I was his marketing intern at this time. He helped me a lot while I was there, poor foreign guy without a car and underage (I was 20 at this time), lost in a state I did not know much about, except it was turning very cold during winter.

This has been a lot of fun meeting Kevin one more time, being able to talk about the good times we had.

This experience in Iowa has been very precious in my career. It allow me to understand a lot about business to business (b2b) was working, how to always cite sources. That has been one of the first time I have actually seen the first concepts of negotiation, complex commercial decision with multiple factors.

Thanks for all of that Kevin.

I also learned a lot about gelatin and how it is used. That is very interesting to see that you can find gelatin in the pharmaceutical, food, photo and health industry at the same time! People always make fun of me because I explain them how important gelatin is in a lot of different industries.

I also met at this occasion Dirk De Cooman, working also for PB gelatin in Belgium. That was very interesting discussions on the difference between the US and Europe (as you know this is a vast topic). Someone very interesting.

This has been a very good dinner, and I hope I will have the chance to see Kevin before I fly back to France.

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