Thursday, January 10, 2008

My first opinion about Seesmic

I hadthe chance on yesterday to try Seesmic, the new video-social network, founded by Loic Lemeur, a French serial entrepreneur.

At first, when I came to see the website, I was kind of feeling intimidated to send a video of myself to strangers, just trying to set up a conversation. so then I plugged in my webcam, and then started to post. After couple of minutes, I had the first responses of different users, welcoming me, which was pretty cool. I deeply believe this would be a great way to learn some new languages.

I tried to find out people who wanted to speak with me in Spanish, as one of my resolution for this year is to learn this beautiful language. A lot of people were reacting pretty good about the idea!

The down side is that the service is very slow and bugging at high influence time. After 6 pm, probably when the west coast finished their job and Japanese users were waking up, the service was very slow. I had to disconnect couple of times and having my web browser bugging. But this is an Alpha version!! I understand these problems, and you have to deal with for now. I also believe that the development of optical cable network and very high speed Internet (in France we have 50 mb/s) will smooth all of these issues. But you need a high speed connection that is for sure.

This service is very addictive. You start chatting, finding interesting people, interacting with them. Even though the product is not done at all, it lacks a lot of functions, as a web browser or the ability to create groups, I think that using this service make you realize how innovative the service is, and how it has created a new way to interact, thanks to the Internet possibilities.

Wait for me guys! I will come back soon on Seesmic!

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