Friday, January 04, 2008

When customers save the company

I have written an article in French couple of days ago on this blog about my business school ranking, according to challenges, one of the main business magazine in France.
But as I was reading the ranking and the comments they had on the different schools, one of them triggered my attention. It is PARIS Ecole des dirigeants et créateurs d'entreprise.

Indeed, I paid specific attention to this school not because it is tied with mine, but because this school has been saved from bankruptcy by the 250 former alumni that bought the school.

That is something amazing! That means these former students had such an affection to their school and also faith in this program they decided to save it and help it grow.
That also reminds me the case of Manchester United, the soccer team in England. As the team was on its way to be bought by an American billionaire, fans of the team started to buy the shares of the company in order to prevent it.

While customers start understanding and realizing your purpose, they could do anything for you, even saving you from shutting down your business. To be so, that means you also need to develop a strong relationship with them, to create an affective link with them.

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