Friday, January 25, 2008

The Real Estate Market in 2008

Jerome Sierra and I organized a presentation about the Real Estate Market in 2008. We welcomed 15 participants, for this event co-organized with the UFE, l'union des francais a l'etranger.

Before talking in further details about the presentation, I would like to talk about this association. The main purpose is to represent expatriated French persons around the world, and to protect their rights as French. Also, the association organize some networking event and work shops, as it was the case yesterday.

One of the main reason I liked this seminar it was thanks to its concept. As it was a small audience, prior to the presentation, Jerome asked to the attendees the questions or topic people wanted to be discussed during the event. Thanks to it, the presentation turned very interactive, with a large part of the audience sharing their questions and point of view.

That was also a great occasion to see the differences between how to buy a house in the US versus France. Also, it pointed out that the situation is not as bad as it seems, and that actually 2008 would be a great opportunity to buy real estate. A lot of misconception has been told by US media seeking for sensational headlines.

It was also a great occasion to meet a lot of French people living in the Bay area. Sharing their experience help me to understand better how they have succeeded in settling here. I am looking foward seeing them soon, and I am strongly considering subscribing to the UFE.

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