Thursday, January 24, 2008

Green companies attract more and more Venture Capitalists

You might know that we are facing a large stock exchange crisis these days, but it seems that the venture capitalist world is doing great. First, the investment in French Internet start-up is at its highest point since 2001.

Now, Redherring announces that Cleantech VC funds for $5.1 billion for European and North American green companies in 2007. That means a 40% increase in a year. That shows first that the green business is indeed one of the main trend we can expect for 2008.
But it also shows that green business have high return on investment possibilities.
“Despite strong headwinds building in the global economy and tightening credit markets, the medium and long-term value propositions for clean tech opportunities sustained the sixth consecutive year with unexpectedly robust growth," The Cleantech Group representative Nicholas Parker said in a statement.

One of the main information is that Californian companies are the one that recived the most money. That shows the excellent shape of this part of the world (35% of the investments), as also the high tech industry is rocketing in this area.

At a time when most of the stock exchange places in the world struggle after the mortgage crisis in the US, entrepreneurship and sustainable development are the keys to get out of the crisis.

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