Friday, January 11, 2008

My prediction 2: 2008 will be the year of mobility

We have seen that the Iphone has for sure be The product of 2007, but there is yet to come. Of course, the 3G Iphone (if it is launched...) will probably appear in the middle of next year. But also, we expect the Google's Android to show up, whereas Blackberry targets more and more the BtoC market, offering affordable models.

Microsoft also announced this week during the CES the launch of a new Windows Mobile version, expanding its web surfing possibilities.

More and more wireless networks
Mobility will also be available thanks to the development of Wifi hotspots and the WiMax's ones we can expect for the end of the year.
Phone companies will also become more and more aggressive, offering affordable "data" plans, allowing the use of Internet on mobile phone (which was pretty expensive so far). With this expansion of both the network and the affordability of the mobile Internet consumption.

We can also expect the social network phenomenon to move on mobile devices, with new interfaces, easy to use. On Facebook you also have a functionality allowing your network to know where you are (for example, Mountain View, CA). In Japan, this kind of services are already common.

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