Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is it still necessary to have a personal website?

I am currently up dating my website, that I have to admit, have not really been used since I created it about 2 years ago now. The main purpose of this website, at his debut, was to introduce myself to possible recruiters. It was also to control my image on search engine.

Why I created my website
At this time, I was already owning a blog, where I was posting notes on a slow basis. When I started created my first website, with my limited knowledge of html, and my will to introduce myself in details, I was convinced that a website had way more advantages than a blog. I was considering a blog only a simple way for people who did not know how to program to own a website.

But actually I was way wrong. I did not know much about the blogosphere. I created my blog in order to introduce some of my thoughts about marketing and business, but I had actually never visited a blog before!

Why I decided to blog
I actually started to blog frequently less than a year ago. Thus I met Henri Kaufman during my master at Dauphine, which really introduced me to blogging and the blogosphere, and then I really started my blogger life. I was amazed by the great potential of this communication tools, and I was noticing that a way larger audience was following me, and that was more convenient to up date than a website.

But now I am on my edge to look for a new job, and that is time to implement a new Internet strategy to interest potential employers. Therefore, I decided to create a new website.

However, a lot of bloggers don't have any websites, and use their blog as their personal marketing medium. But I have a question: is it still necessary to have a personal website while blogging?

Website VS Blog
On a technical point of view, everybody knows the power of blogging on SEO versus a simple website. But on the other hand, one of the problem of blogging platform is that the information is constantly on the move, and what is important to introduce yourself is also your accomplishment. For instance, on a blog, this is very difficult to have static (but important) information about yourself.

For instance, I would like to have on my website a complete description of my background and knowledges, and also some of the work I have accomplished. This is kind of difficult to have that on a blog.

I will let you know how my website is doing. I still have a lot of work to do on it though.

I still deeply believe that blogging is the best way to communicate on a personal prospective, but is a website important too? What do you think about it?

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