Saturday, April 18, 2009

Social Media Return On Investment (ROI)

How could you define a social media ROI? How can a company analyse the return on investment of its social media strategy?

Safia Ouaissa is a community manager and exposes on her blog how she measures her social media ROI. For more information about Safia, here is her LinkedIn profile.

Quantitative Data

Observational Data

Comparative Data

  • Website traffic
  • Number of page visited
  • Time Spent on the ste
  • Number of comments, or interactions
  • Number of pertinent search results in search engines
  • Number of brand quotes in posts
  • Number of active members in the community
    Engagement rate (brand ambassador)
  • Ration between positive and negative comments
  • Quality of interaction between members
  • Search results’quality
  • Social networks conversation
  • Presence on the Internet
  • Members and visitors’ feedback
  • Articles published on Twitter and Digg Like
  • Collaborative tools provided to the community
  • Consumer insights
  • Online PR VS Adword campaigns
  • Community management VS renting a data base
  • Buzz marketing VS traditional advertising cost

Her vision is interesting, because she actually listed the different indicators you could use to estimate the performance of community management. I invite you to follow Safia's blog (in French).