Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Microsoft and Google Fight For Twitter's Search Engine

Microsoft and Google are becoming the best enemies lately. We all know that Google is way ahead in terms of advertising revenues from its search engine, which is driving Microsoft to seek for a partnership with Yahoo. Google got onto Microsoft's market when developing some Powerpoint and Word-like softwares. They even got into the mobile business, where Microsoft is also struggling to stay in the competition.

Now, Twitter, one of the most trendy social media, has recently launched a search engine to look through Tweets. However, Twitter engineers don't have the Google's nor Microsoft's expertise, and both companies are fighting to provide a new advanced search engine.

This article is even thinking about a bid for Twitter, but I don't think we are going towards this. I'd rather think that Google and Microsoft could develop specific search engines to help Twitter users find interesting tweets. Now if Google and Microsoft are working on a search engine, that could be pretty bad for Twitter. Indeed, one of the most blossoming business in the Internet is advertising coming through search engines. Google might get a huge potential business out of Twitter's hands if so. Since Twitter is still struggling to get a business model... Nevertheless, Microsoft could get back in the social media competition if it succeed in creating a great search engine for Twitter, because I don't see them getting near Google's one...

@the_gman, thanks for sharing the info!