Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mobile Marketing: M Couponing To Become More Popular

Marketers are seeking for more efficient marketing techniques and it might benefit to marketing campaigns using mobile phones. Mobile marketing could benefit to customer relationship management (CRM) programs, because they could allow you to reach customers on one of their most personal device.
Advantages of M coupons
M couponing provides great analytics capabilities as you can measure numbers of contact reached, number of messages read, and number of coupons used (thanks to a track code). That sort of looks like emailing capacities. M coupons owns also the great advantage that the customer has it on his phone, meaning it has it on him at all time, allowing him to use it whenever he wants, and hence it doesn't need to be printed.

Juniper Research forecasts for 2010 an increase of the use of mobile coupons of 30%.

Some techniques still need to be improved to raise the advantages of the coupons, especially couponing while visiting the retail (thanks to geolocalisation). But their are some other concerns that can be raised by the use of mobile marketing. As mobile phone is so personnal, the intrusion issues will eventually appear. That is the reason why I believe mobile marketing hasn't been able to spring up yet as it was supposed to. The crisis turns marketer to seek for new medium with a high return on investment and limited budgets. Therefore, I think mobile coupons will get more comon for 2010.