Thursday, April 02, 2009

Seesmic Shows

I have always liked the Seesmic concept even though I don't really use it. Thanks to Loic Lemeur's blog I have been following the company's debuts thanks to its daily videos. I remember also he hired at some point French blogging celebrity Vinvin in order to develop content in Seesmic.

I believe the purpose was to propose on Seesmic a combination of both professional and amateur content.

In fact a part of Youtube's success has been based on the different online shows it can propose. The Internet has been able to become a true medium of content. Thanks to new technologies it is easy for an individual to create high quality video content.

Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work and I believe the project has gone in limbo.

Nevertheless I deeply believe that Seesmic could create a great way to develop professional content, especially based on the sport shows concept.

On the radio and TV there are a lot of talk shows where the audience can speak up and give their opinion about a topic. That sort of looks like the kind of interaction you could get on Seesmic. I think that it could be interesting to create that kind of show on Seesmic and then propose it on another public platform (itunes? Youtube? Emule? To consume it.

On Seesmic's point of view that could have many interest. First it could be a great way to advertise the service. It could also help Seesmic to launch its advertising platform (as Robert Scoble says, and as previously shown on this blog, professional edited videos remain more attractive to Internet users).

I think this type of "professional content" concept should be seen more in details, but it should probably come from the users more than the company. Or maybe a TV channel like Espn would be interested in adding such a show.

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