Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Green Marketing Controversy

Since the early age of marketing development people have expressed controversy. Marketers are sometimes assimilated to liars, because their goal is to make things shiny, even when sometimes they are not. However, marketing must remain ethic if it is willing to be efficient. Because at some points, you can't fool customers, especially nowadays with all this information running around the web.

It seems that a controversy is raising around green marketing. A new article I've found explain that A new report released last week by consulting firm TerraChoice Environmental Marketing found that just 2% of the self-proclaimed “green” products on shelves in big box stores across North America live up to their sustainable claims. As not much regulation rules the green label on products some marketers probably took advantage out of it.

Environmental concerns is probably one of the main social trend for the next few years, and green products will be a great source of revenues. But companies need to be ethical on that one. If they label products to be green, they must be, because if not, consumer won't catch up with that trend.