Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Whole Foods Market Uses Blogging To Get Interractive With Its Customers

Part of my job is to organizing event for the office. We are planning beginning of December to have a client appreciation party to celebrate the epiphany, with the traditional Twelfth Night Cake (galette des rois in French). I was looking for some details about Whole Foods Market thinking that they would make some for the occasion, and I discovered they were proposing some blogs!

Whole Foods Market
, is a retailer proposing high quality natural and organic foods. They have developped different blogs on different issues.

The CEO’s Blog — John Mackey
An occasional blog, John Mackey actively seeks and responds to feedback on his thoughts about creating a new business paradigm, addressing issues facing the natural and organic food industry, exploring the nature of human development and much more.

Whole Foods Market Video Blog
An occasional video blog that will feature videos focusing on current issues relevant to Whole Foods Market. Presentations given by John Mackey, CEO and co-founder of Whole Foods Market, along with interviews and panel discussions involving John and other Team Members can be expected.

Secret Ingredient Video Blog
Add a pinch of culinary zing to your weeknight dinners with our Secret Ingredient Video Blog. Each week we’ll post a new episode featuring simple, tasty recipes made using “secret” ingredients that can change a dish from good to great.

Whole Green Blog
A weekly blog designed to partner with our readers to share innovative ways to promote sustainability and help us all reduce our carbon footprints.

Be Good To Your Whole Body Podcast Blog
A weekly blog that partners with our natural body care and supplements podcasts. Experts expand on the topics addressed in that month’s podcast.

Farm to Market Slide Show Blog
This summer, join us as we hit the back roads and discover the stories of the people and places behind local and regional foods found in our stores. We’ll travel the farm-to-market roads of the rural South and interview farmers and producers whose passion it is to produce the highest-quality, best-tasting product available.

I have checked some of these blogs, and you can see by the number of comments posted a great interactivity. In my opinion it could be better if there would be an interaction with the person that is writting the posts. However, the CEO's one is pretty good.

That also reminds me about a Japanese department store that had some blogs held by customers dealing with the life of the stores. Anyway, that is a great initiative, that defently affirm the difference between Whole Food Markets and standard grocery retailer.

What do you think about it? Will companies use blog as an informative medium?

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