Wednesday, December 05, 2007

T mobile's try to register the magenta color in Holland leads to protest

I don't really translate much the posts I do in French in English and vice versa, but I consider this news valuable to my English speakers readers.

Indeed, I learnt this news on a French blog,, that T-mobile was about to register the magenta color as it is a main component of their brand. But facing this threat, a website has been created,, in order to protect some other dutch brands that are using the color.

I personally think that this try to register a color is abusive. A brand is not only a color, but a group of value, color, font, design, sounds, or even odors that gives the identity to a brand. Trying to register a color is way to dangerous as many businesses are using the same colors. The uniqueness of a brand is about the mix of these different components.

I remember that Orange, the Internet-phone company tried to register the Orange color without success. I also remember that Paris Hilton tried to register the term "that's hot" because she was using the term very often. T mobile has a strong brand, and does not need to register its color to protect its identity.

I am also glad to see a nice example where Internet allows some individuals to express their opinion facing a global company. International companies have to deal with public opinion as it has now thanks to the web a way to make some noise.
What do you think about the story?

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