Friday, December 14, 2007

Many are realizing there is a C in CRM

This phrase come from a blog post on Gartner's website (a consulting company specialised in IT).

CRM Is Back With a Vengeance: Is Your Organization Ready for the Next Generation of CRM?
Posted By: Kimberly Collins, Research VP
Judging by Gartner CRM inquiries, interest in our fall CRM Summit and readership of this blog, CRM is definitely back on many firms' agendas. However, there is a difference in the focus of CRM today. Not only are more firms recognizing that CRM is a business strategy rather than just another IT project, but many are realizing that there is also a "C" in CRM, or "customer" in customer relationship management. That's why we've chosen the theme of "CRM 2.0: The Next Generation of CRM" for our September CRM Summit in Chicago. It emphasizes the ability of companies to look from the outside in (that is, from the customer's perspective), rather than looking from the inside out (that is, the company's perspective). Balancing both perspectives is critical in this next generation of CRM. The upcoming Summit will look at customer experience management, innovation, customer loyalty, reengineering customer processes and customer analytics as major themes.

We have lots of great content, with keynotes from Fred Reichheld on driving growth through customer loyalty, Don Peppers on customer-driven innovation and Paul Greenberg on business models for the era of the social customer. Jeff Schumacher and Marc Singer from McKinsey have a session on change management and collaboration; Peppers and Rogers will moderate a session on customer loyalty; and Bob Thompson of will facilitate a panel on contact center metrics. More than 20 Gartner analysts will have more than 40 sessions across five major tracks: CRM strategy and implementation, sales and marketing, customer service and support, CRM analytics, and CRM technology and architecture.

This year's CRM Summit is the one CRM event you don't want to miss. It has answers to all your questions about the next generation of CRM, whether you are a business or IT leader or CRM project manager. As conference chair for this year's CRM event, I look forward to seeing all of you there.

For more information, go here.

Why did I want to post this article
This post matches totally my mindset about customer relationship management. While talking about CRM, people think about software and data, and forgot it is about building strong relationship with clients, and not data. Customers are the most valuable asset of a company as it is the main source of turnover. I am glad a company like Gartner understand the new trend of CRM, that aims to support a customer oriented strategy, and not only trying to automatize marketing and sales force.

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