Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The constant evaluation

In school I remember that one of the main concept was that the graduation should be all year long. Indeed, professors wanted to know if you were understanding all the concepts and doing progresses. Because you should be consistent in your results, and your consistancy was an evidence you will get the concepts.

I wanted to talk about the note Henri Kaufman let on his (French) blog: The constant evaluation. Henri Kaufman is one of the main specialist in France on Customer relationship management.
Now, with the new Internet trends, customers can give marks to all different kind of products, services and companies. There are best ofs everywhere, customer review... The European for example allows its users to rank everything, products services and shows, from a band to a business school.

You can vote on everything!
The point of Henri in this note is to show that we are aiming toward a ranking society, and hence a perfection society. No mercy for mediocre that will have to get some formation... On the web!

I am totally agree with this vision. The evaluation model is giving to the customer a way to express himself, to strengthen its position versus the brand. Like I have said in some of my previous notes, the first principle in negotiating is that there is no negotiation if there is no balance. This notation system spreading on the web allows customer to show their opinion on the brand, and influence potential or actual buyers on their opinion about the brand.

However, there is a short come. The grades lack most of the time of objectivity, as it is expressed by the individuals subjectivity of each clients and most of the time influenced by emotional states, after a bad transaction (indeed, customers tend to talk more about bad relations than good ones, that are considered as a standard).

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