Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Rent your brand purse with bagborroworsteal.com

Louis VuittonI was watching this week end the new sex and the city (which is actually a great movie I recommend you), and they were talking about a service where you could rent some couture bags for a month or so. I found the concept great, and thought it would be such a pitty if did not actually exist. That is why I decided to go online to chase some websites proposing this kind of service. And I found it!

It is called bagborrowsteal.com, and proposes to rent some bags for as low as 5 dollars a month.

I believe this service has a great future ahead of it, for different reasons:

  • The democratization of luxury: Luxury has become with the days more affordable. Anyone can decide to spend money to buy a Louis Vuitton bag. We can also see that the brands themselves changed their approach, by changing their communication code. They are not afraid anymore to use rock stars (Keith Richards from the Rolling Store) and rappers to promote their products.
  • We are in a society of changes: We are always moving, geographically for our career, we have more and more spare time and more possibilities to spend this time. That is the reason why we don’t like contracts. We’d rather rent to keep our freedom to change houses, we dislike when we have to subscribe a two years plan because we would like to be able to find new opportunities after a little while. A long term-rental car company in France has for slogan: “renting is keeping your freedom”. This is not false at all. So if I could rent a house, acar, a dvd for the night or a suit for a wedding when I need one why wouldn’t I be able to rent an expensive purse, and change it every months?
This story also tells us that business ideas can emerge from anywhere, watching TV, going to the movie theater. The most important is to be aware, and to catch up the occasion.
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