Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why blogging is the best way to communicate for a small business?

A lot of people know how powerful the blogosphere is. You can in couple of hours spread a great buzz about a new product, or discredit a customer services in couple of lines. It is also one of the greatest asset for a small business to boost its communication. Indeed, the blogging activities have some attributes that can't be match with any other kind of media. Here are couple of advantages for a small business.

Low cost solution
A blog could be theoretically free. Most of the platforms, wordpress or blogger are free, you just need to join and then you post. Isn't it great, especially when you know you can have access to more than 50% of the US population? At least, the blog will cost you a dozen of dollars if you decide to pick a more sophisticated plateform like Typepad, and buy a domain name, which I recommend for search engine optimization purposes

Search engine optimization

A blog is way more powerful than a standard website on a SEO point of view. Indeed, whenever you post an article, it creates its own web page, and then multiple the number of pages that will be referenced on google. Also, if you add always proper tags to your article, it will be more efficient, and Google will take it into account while browsing your blog. Let's not forget also that on the contrary of Flash-built websites, blogs are mainly text, which is also a great help for Google. Also, because of its form, it is easy to add some pages. Blogs are for sure the best way to get a nice search engine ranking, fast, and with low effort.

A way to expose your knowledge and that you are up-to-date with your market
A blog is something very reactive, that will allow you to communicate on an information within very few moments. If you need to place a new information on your website, it will probably mean that you need to edit your website, which is most of the time complex and long. With a blog, you could do it from a cellphone. This reactivity is a great plus, especially while people are looking for fresh news.

Trigger people to come back often
Because a blog is always evolving with fresh information, that incite people to come back often to check the news. How many times will you come back on a corporate website? The form and what it has been designed for is far away from allowing you to communicated on a daily basis. If you post new comments often, people will come back at you. Also, how many times I had people sending me emails to let me know they were expecting for new articles while I was on vacation.

Help to build relationships
A blog is about discussing. People can leave comments, contact you to get more information. I have been able over the last past year to build a great professional network mainly thanks to my blogging activities. You'll be able to meet peer colleagues, but also some potential buyers. People react better after having read an article than after exploring a corporate websites.

Learn more about your business

On a personal point of view as a small business, by blogging, you will be forced to document yourself, seek for information, and explore the different resources the web will offer you. This activity is great. It is like monitoring the market, knowing the competition and potential opportunities. By blogging, you also become aware of what is happening, and more reactive.

Is there other ones that I forgot? Probably. Blogging is a great activity. But I also have to warn you. Blogging is not for anyone. I believe, from my point of view and my experience that blogging requires you to dedicate time and a real will to write. If you don't feel any pleasure  at writing, there are a lot of chances you will fail. You have questions? You want to share something?Feel free to leave me a comment.Why blogging is the best way to communicate for a small business
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