Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Twitter idea: my favorite marketing slogans

I might not be a great Twitter users, compared to people like Loic Lemeur or Robert Scoble. However, I believe in the development of its use for non-geek users at some point, and also that we did not see yet all the different uses you could have of Twitter.
Indeed, I believe that Twitter could offer great opportunities to promote a business, but also I think that it could be great for educational purpose. I think that it could help people learning for example a language, or following some courses, whereas people already uses Twitter to transcript seminars and conferences.

Therefore I had the idea that I could use Twitter to share with my community some of the best marketing slogans, that I found original and inspirational.  As you know, I consider one of the main strength of a marketer to keep things simple, and creating a great motto which defines a product or a brand is something cool.

The first that comes to my mind right now is "think different"- Apple.
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