Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poors are stinky and they pollute

Ucar marketing campaignThis is not my opinion, but the baseline of a rental car company in France. Of course, the title is provocative, willing to open a debate and therefore a discussion.

The fact is that they are playing on a true fact: poor people are polluting more than average, because they have old car, non-equipped with anti pollution system.
"Poors are disgusting. They pollutent. The right for a clean car for all. We need to chane our cars in order to lower the CO2 emissions and other polluting gas responsible of the global warming. 15 millions of cars of 11 years old or older are on French roads, non-equipped with new environmental technologies. But not everybody can afford to change his car. Old cars are still been driven because their owners don't have the choice. They should be helped by the government to do so. However, nothing has been decided in the law project in this sense. The car manufacturers and financial institutions are working on this issue. Some solutions exist to reduce the number of old cars and change behaviors..."

Ucar, by proposing discounted rental cars, offers a great alternative and could allow some drivers to get rid of their old cars.

But why did they decide to be so provocative?
I think the idea is to use web 2.0 and the new social marketing trends to promote the car. By being so provocative, the advertising agency is willing to open a debate, and therefore to launch a conversation. Indeed, this is the reason why they opened a blog,

What is refreshing is that since Benetton, it has been a while I haven't heard of such a provocative campaign. This is very different from the other commercial messages we are used to see at the moment.

What do you think about this commercial? Is it too provocative? Is it true?
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