Friday, June 27, 2008

Heading back to France

As some of you probably know, I took my decision last month to come back to France after having spent a year in the Silicon Valley, working as a marketing assistant for Residential Pacific Mortgage. This decision has surprised some, make some other happy. But the main fact is that this decisions has been taken after having considering the question for the longest time.

I have been able to establish a network there, which allowed me to have some job propositions even though I have never really looked actively for a job. But the fact is that I believe it is better for me to come back in France at the moment.

This experience has been great. It allowed me to understand better the Internet world, by meeting people like Loic Lemeur, Robert Scoble, or Michael Arrington. It is fascinating to see this entrepreneurial spirit living in the valley.

I'll probably talk to you more about what were the best part of my internship there in the US soon. Right now, I am waiting for my plane at Newark Airport (I missed my first one, had to spend the night in the airport). I'll give you update about my activities later.
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  1. Cécile Pellissier3:36 PM

    tu rentres en France! trop cool ça!
    bon passe moi un ptit coup de fil quand tu as un peu de temps pour me raconter tout ça.
    Biz, Cécile

  2. Eh oui je viens de rentrer en France! Par contre, je n'ai pas encore d'Internet et passé les derniers jours à m'installer dans mon appartement. Je te sonne et on se fait une bouffe?

    A bientôt