Thursday, June 12, 2008

7 tips in 7 minutes: How to please a head hunter

I watch with a real pleasure this series of video edited by Henri Kaufman and Pierre Philippe Cormeraie, teaching you 7 tips to succeed in different fields: how to write a resume, how to start your company, and so on.

Today, they interviewed Jacques Froissant, president of Altaide, a recruting agency. He is offering us inside information on what the recruiters and head hunters are paying attention to during a hiring interview. Isn't that great that a recruiter can let you know what really matters? This is great information for whoever is preparing an interview.

 The video is in French, and below is the translation in English.
  1. The waiting room. The recruiting process starts right after you have entered the building. When you are in the waiting room, your behavior is checked: Are you complaining, how you behave with the employees.
  2. Show that you have prepared the interview: You have a consistent speech, you know about the company. Some people don't even know sometimes how to get to the company's building for example. You should know as much as possible about the company.
  3. Summarize your career: Stop repeating your resume. This is long, and the recruiters have already all the information. Recruiters expect a fast summary, in 7 minutes (7 minutes, 7 bullets), only the best. Watch out! Don't talk about not relevant information, like where you went to high school. Don't make it last 45 minutes
  4. Be prepared to basic questions: This is the main questions that recruiters usually ask. What are your strengths and your weaknesses is a good example. You have about 30 questions that you should be prepared to answer.
  5. Jump on the occasions the recruiter will offer you: Sometimes recruiters will ask you specific questions to start a conversation. Like, I have seen that you like basket-ball. You should be able to jump on the occasion, because the recruiters would like you to speak more about the topic.
  6. Be active/ask questions: You need to be active in the conversation. Ask questions. This is about your life, the next step in your career, you should picture yourself working there. Therefore, ask questions about how it  works, to show you are very interested by this position. Be curious: Who would be my manager, how is the atmosphere, how is doing business.
  7. Conclude: There is a simple and unique question to ask in order to conclude: What do you think about my candidature?  There is two possibilities:
      • The guy says yes, he likes you. As 95% of candidates don't ask this question, you would be one of the only guys that he will say yes, and the recruiter will keep this in mind (this is by the way a manipulation technique). He'll remember the person he said yes to.
      • He has doubts. Thus, this is a good occasion to work on it, and to reassure the recruiter of your qualities. If you did not ask the questions, you would have never had the opportunity to defend yourself.
To conclude, it is always important to learn from your experience. If it did not work it is find, but it is important to know why it did not work in order to correct your mistakes.

I am sure that after having watched this video, nothing will stop you to get your dream job!

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