Saturday, June 14, 2008

Two commercials, the same song, the same identity

I would like you first to check the tow commercials herein. The first one is for Airline company Jetblue, and the second one for French wireless network company SFR. The Jetblue commercial is new (about 1 month ago), the one of SFR about a year old. What is interesting, is that both commercials use the same song, Mr. Blue Sky by the rock group Electric Light Orchestra.

What is very interesting is how similar those two commercials are. You can see that the fonts are similar, the use of a slide show-like concept, and also the bright colors (reand for sfr and blue for blue jet), and the clouds. These two commercials are for sure offbeat.

But how can we explain why these two commercials are so similar?
Of course, we can assume that Jetblue copied the commercial of SFR, since they have been launched a year apart. But I think that the music gives a lot of beat and a specific color to the commercial. This is probably why both companies used it in the very same way.

Hence, I think music and sounds can help create brand identity. A sound, a music associated with a brand or a product contributes to the creation of an identity.

What is particular with this example is that we can easily see what type of universe the music brought to a company, because both SFR and Jetblue decided to create similar commercials thanks to the same music.
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