Sunday, June 15, 2008

I rent so I am free

This is a very interesting sociological trend that started couple of years ago. We are in a society where life goes faster and faster, and where flexibility is a strength.

From an ownership society to a rental society
The fact is that in the old days, ownership was the key. The United States society has been based on ownership. Ownership was perceived as a dream, a fulfillment. The day you were able to buy your home meant the day you will start build your family.

But nowadays, things have changed. Mobility is a necessity. You are changing at a fast pace, where you live, your life style, what you like. And because of this fast way of life, ownership becomes problematic. Because you own, you are not flexible, you are not mobile. I believe that this new way of life is the main reason why the renting industry became so big.

I rent so I am free
I have talked previously about this topic in my blog, some companies start to get into the trend, and propose to rent various things. Therefore, we are not customers any more, but more consumers or users, that use something whenever they need instead of buying it for life.

To rent only to own the necessary

Zilok Zilok is a new website, allowing you to rent whatever device you need only when you need it. Hence, there are a lot of objects we use rarely for specific occasions. Indeed, an electric drill in a lifetime has a used time of 12 minutes! So why should I own one for couple of minutes. This is the concept, and it is directly link to the sociological trend I exposed to you earlier.

What do you think about it? How do you think this new trend will impact our relationship with brands?

I rent so I am free
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