Thursday, June 12, 2008

Don't be fooled by the 1080p standard

I have been for a while in my early years a salesperson at the Fnac, French leading retailers for cultural and technical products. I used to sell mp3 players, hi fi equipment, home theaters and TVs. The television market has evolved a lot these past few years. First, the arrival of new technologies, LCD and plasma, have changed a lot. But also, the high definition added some confusion to customers that have already problem to understand the difference between TV sets.

Today, I read a very interesting article in the Mercury News about the 1080p standard.

A couple was shopping for a new TV and they were hesitating between two TV screen, 50" both. One was $500 more expensive than the other one, because he had a resolution of 1080p, or full HD, and the other one 720 p. The salesman explained them that they would have a better quality of image with a higher resolution. However, even himslef was not able to see the difference of quality between both products.

The 1080p definition is great if you have a large screen, of 56 inches or bigger. It is not possible to identify any difference of definition on a 50 inches set. The fact is that the bigger the screen, the better definition you'll need.

There are also a lot of confusion around the different HD standards, full HD or HD ready, but this is another story.
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