Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Different types of networking groups

Ivan Misner, president of the BNI, a networking group company, is explaining the 7 main types o business networking organizations to consider joining:

  • Casual contact networks. These allow many people from overlapping professions and meet monthly.
  • Strong contact networks. Their primary purpose is exchanging referrals. They meet weekly.
  • Community service clubs. They provide an opportunity to give back to the community you do business in while making contacts and getting PR.
  • Professional associations. They tend to focus on one specific industry. The primary purpose is to exchange information and ideas)
  • Social/business organizations. They combine social activities with business or networking.
  • Online networks. Includes groups such as Ecademy, LinkedIn and Ryze, which are social networks for businesses.
  • Women’s business organizations. They are non-threatening groups for women to increase business. Many also allow men.
What is important as a professional is to have multiple networking organizations. Because of these multiple opportunities, you will be able to build your own original network, that will fit your needs.
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