Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Think different - Apple

Think different apple
I really like this idea. First, let's think about the situation. In 1995 Apple has seen its supremacy challenged by the arrival of Microsoft. In no time Microsoft acquired about 90% of market shares. Whereas Microsoft's main advantage was to own most of the market, and allow its users to share data easily (data that were not accessible on a Mac at this time).

So Apple came with this baseline: "Think different". As we became marginal, we accept our new status, and we will show why being different is great, even though every body wants to be the same.
The idea is very strong, and explains in two words the whole approach of Apple.

Also, on a personal view, I think that a baseline has to be different. Marketing is about creating uniqueness, even though there is none. And by affirming and showing that Apple was different, it allowed Apple to create a great brand equity. And therefore, I really like this slogan.
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