Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New Ipod 3G

Today as expected Apple decided to launch its new version of the Iphone, the 3G iphone. Indeed, it did not really make sense that Apple launched a EDGE cell phone whereas they were suppose to deliver the best of the Internet on a cell phone. This new version will correct this problem.
  • Download speed is 3.6 times faster than the regular Ipod (Edge), almost as fast as Wifi, 18 seconds vs 5 seconds.
  • The battery life has improved and propose 300 hours in standby, and 5 to 6 hours of web browsing.

  • Real GPS vs Google map-based GPS.

  • New price, with $199 for 8 gb, $299 16gb (also available in white) way cheaper than the first version.
This version is really looking much better, correcting some of the weaknesses of the former version. I am sure this cellphone will be a great success, even though the competition will become tougher and tougher with the arrival of Android and the Blackberry gaining more and more marketshares.
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