Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Google In the TV Advertising Market?

Google is leading the advertising market in the Internet thanks to its technology that enables great targeting capabilities for companies. The Mountain View company is still expanding its business on the web, but is also seeking for new markets in order to establish itself as a leading company on other supports. That is one of the main reasons why they decided to launch the Android project, in order to enter the cell phone market, which is probably the soon to come most exciting market for the next few years.

But Google is still looking forward to get into the TV advertising market. Lately Google signed a partnership with Bloomberg Financial in order to sell inventory.

Let's not forget that Google already has some experience in selling commercials on a video support: They own Youtube and Google Video, which counts for 44% of the online video market.

Thus, Google is working on a TV ad platform technology, which will probably based on the Internet's one, that will provide more targeted and efficient campaigns to users.

Actually, there is a real convergence between TV and Internet, as TV companies broadcast their programs on the web, in order to respond to the online video websites threat.

This project might even get more attractive within the next few months as the crisis is still unfolding and marketing chief officers are seeking for more profitable and less risky ways to communicate. TV ad consumption by companies is expected to slow down for the next few months as marketing budgets are melting...

I actually believe that this new effort to enter the TV market is a great way for Google to expand its market by leveraging its know how and expertise. Also I think we can expect Google to be interested into buying a TV ad platform in order to do so, as they did for Youtube to enter the online video market, or with blogger to get into the blogging business.

To know more about Google TV's development, visit the emarketer article.