Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Apple Becomes Number 2 On Smartphones Market

Apple has succesfully entered the smartphone market. Even though it has never been in the mobile phone market, thanks to its tactile interface and couple of innovate features, it became in no time one of the leader in this market. British Institute Canalys has recently published a study on the world smartphone market during the third quarter.

39,9 million smartphones has been sold last year in the world during this period. US market has nearly doubled whereas the Japanese market has decrease by 18%. The EMEA zone keeps a good growing pace with 21% of growth thanks to the Eastern Europe countries. Smartphones counts for 13% of the cell phone market, which is a 11% growth for this quarter.

If Nokia remains the leader with 15.5 million cell phones and 38% of marketshares, it is letting other companies like apple and RIM (Blackberry) narrowing down the gap (Nokia used to own 51% of the market last year). Actually, what is even more impressive is that Apple is now the second largest smartphone producers, with 17% of marketshares, thanks to its aggressive sales strategy for the Iphone. Blackberry owns 15% of the market.

Symbian's supremacy on the operating system market is plumetting, as it was representing more than 60% of the market last year and counts now for 46.6%. Of course, the success of the Iphone OS has hit hard Symbian, but we can also see that Lynux OS are doing great with 5% of the market at the moment. Probably Android will also change a lot the market for next year.