Sunday, December 28, 2008

BtoB Marketing Will Resist The Crisis In 2009

Even though Forrester forecasted a dark future for BtoB marketing, B2B marketers seems to have a pretty positive mindset, as they are looking forward in majority to launch new ad campaigns in 2009.

In fact, BtoB marketing is also affected by the crisis, and whereas BtoB marketing departments are cutting their budget for next year (One-quarter of respondents said they planned to reduce their marketing budgets in 2009), they are expressing a larger and larger interest in Internet advertising, in order to control better their spendings.

Here is an overview of the budget evolution for 2009.

I believe this is good news for the Internet advertising industry. Internet and ebusiness companies will be impacted by the crisis no matter what, as the whole advertising market will plumet, but as Internet advertising enable a better control of spendings and return on investments, the crisis era will be a perfect time to win marketshares on other traditionnal media.

I believe BtoB marketing also will be important for companies next year as the crisis will still be unfolding, because a lot of underdogs and small competitors will suffer, and 2009 might be the perfect timing to earn marketshares once more, and stand out of the competition