Sunday, November 30, 2008

Should I Keep My Website?

This question has remained in a corner of my head for the longest time. I own, since I believe 2006. First I wanted to get, which would be more international, as I am writting most of the time in English, and the majority of my audience don't come from France (I'd say it's about 50-50 between Europe and North America, with a growing Indian crowd, which I am very happy about).

The purpose of my website
When I created my website for the first time, I believed it would represent the best way to introduce myself to people that would have interest in contacting me, especially hiring staffs and recruiters. I wanted it to be an enhanced and complete resume, as it would encompass some of my thesis and academic works, some detailed information about my work experiences.

The purpose of my blog
I actually started my blog before my website. I think it has been running since 2005. But I knew very few about blogging. I had at this time never visited any blogs, and I didn't have a clear picture of what my blog should be about. Actually I did, but I was not able to write on a regular basis. It is actually Henri Kaufman, who was my 2.0 marketing professor at Paris Dauphine, that convinced me of the interest of this art. Thus, I have started writing a lot, meeting a lot of interesting people, and acquire a status of E marketing specialist.

I am still wondering about the website... A blog is great because it is in constant evolution. It is very easy to up date your blog, posts new things, and get great visibility on search engines. This is a more difficult task with a website. You need indeed to code, and pages are statiques. My website is therefore not up to dated at all. That is also a reason why I am not even advertising it.

I still own the extension, and I will keep it as long as possible. But know I believe it might be the time to delete my site, which has very few viewers, and to put my blog onto it. My only concern is that my website was still usefull as it was hosting my academic work, but I believe my blog is more important, and by placing my blog under, hopefully I will be able to generate even more traffic, discuss with more people, and get me interesting contacts for the future.

What do you think about it? Let me know if you have been in the same situation or if you believe a website might have an interest.