Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bluenity: Air France KLM Launches Its 2.0 Social Platform

Bluenity is the brand new 2.0 social website launched by Air France KLM. This social network is dedicated to airline users.

Here is the concept:
  • Discover other travelers on your trip
  • Take advantae of their travel tips
  • Meet them at any point.

The website is available in three languages, French, English and Dutch. The goal of the website will try to leverage the portfolio of 75 millions customers of both Air France and KLM, to create a viable community as fast as possible.

I think this is a great example on how setting up an online community can bring some added value to customers and therefore generate business out of it.

Now I think we should pay a close attention to this new website, because this is a great corporate social software initiative, and will give great indicators of how profitable such a project could be. Also, Bluenity will have to compete with leader tripadvisor.com, who has already established itself over the years as the leading community of globetrotters and frequent travelers.