Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US Retailers Use Social Media To Interact With Their Customers

Emarketer has recently published a study on how retailers get social with Facebook. The main fact of this study is that 1 retailer out of 3 have created some fan pages on the social network. That proves US retailers consider Facebook and web 2.0 communities as great tools to communicate with their audience and enhance their customer relationship experience. We can see that actually not only Facebook is liked by retailers, but Myspace and Youtube too.

Below is a list of the 30 major US Online Retailers that own a Fan Page on Facebook. You can see great companies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Nordstorm. What is also interesting is how diverse this crowd is, with clothing retailers, book stores or sport apparels shops. Now the challenge is to use these new tools to leverage customer relationship and get interactive with the audience, in order to enhance their exposure on the web.