Monday, November 03, 2008

Mobile Apps Analytics

Everybody knows how important analytics softwares are for Internet professionals. But what about mobile applications data? Aren't mobile applications the future of information technologies?

Flurry is a new analytics company specialized in mobile analytics. This new start up is currently looking for a second, $6 million round of venture capital, in order to get their business bigger.

"Our software tells applications developers how often their apps are used, how much time is spent using them, the times of day they're used, and where consumers come from on the Internet. It also monitors how their applications behave on certain handsets. For example, does a particular application send a lot of error messages?"

Flurry has somehow the same kind of business model than Google, as they are proposing for free their analytics app in order to promote mobile advertising. Actually, I think this is a great idea, because most of the professionals are still wondering about the efficiency of those types of campaigns.

Mobile marketing is still at an early stage. The technology isn't mature enough to allow marketers to edit great campaigns. Different platforms, different web browsers and screen sizes makes it difficult to coordinate and automate such a thing. However, we can see, as the Flurry example shows, some improvement are coming fast, and you can see the business growing and getting more attractive.

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