Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Orange Turns Green

French phone company Orange, sort of AT&T here, has decided to innovate and show out its ecological effort.
Indeed, Orange has decided to display the ecological impact of their products. French government will impose the display of ecological impact on January 2011, as a decision made during the "Grenelle de l'environement", and Orange is therefore way in advance on the official decision.

They won't display it on the packages of their products for now, but you will be able to access the information on their website.

Here is the detail of the information provided:
  • Energetic efficiency: Wasting energy is one of the major cause of ecological problems.
  • Waste reduction: By thinking about the wastes that will
  • Energetic resource preservation
  • CO2 emissions during the production process
  • Toxic chemicals products used for the production