Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is Twittering Better Than Blogging?

I have already talked about this issue on this blog. This is actually a question that has been asked all over the blogosphere about 5 to 6 months ago. Nevertheless, I believe this is still accurate to speak about it, as I believe the hype around this new service is getting lower, and we can percieve better the actually use for the mass market.

Twitter adopted and plebiscited by bloggers
Some bloggers have limited their proficiency on their blog by adopting Twitter as their new way to communicate with the community. Indeed, Twitter was in the main trend of the Internet: Being connected with your network at all time, providing the most information as possible. A lot of people actually believed blogging was obsolete, since most of the blogosphere superstars cut dramatically their posting frequency.

The problems coming with Twitter's uses
But I don't really like Twitter, even though I am using it sometimes. Twitter, even if it is in the mainstream of the web 2.0, it has the problems. Twittering is time consuming. Also, Twitter is bringing you a massive information that it is impossible to get it all. I know that might not be the purpose of knowing everything that is going on, but because of the profusion of messages you might miss a lot of valuable information hidden by the mass.

Too much information is actually one of the problem of the web: This is great to have the opportunity to access it, but you need also to be efficient and get the information that matters to you fast.

Twitter's technical problems
Also, Twitter experienced for a long time technical issues that really turned me down. You couldn't see the oldest update, and you couldn't either post new ones. This was really annoying especially for a service that based its value on its reactivity.

Therefore, I am not really using Twitter. Does Twitter has a great future? I am still doubting about its mass market adoption, even though some new enhanced version, based on mobile technologies, might show up and be interesting. But I believe that blogs provide a more qualitative content, and that is the reason why I am sticking with it.